Social Media

4th of July Marketing Campaign: Custom Product Photography, Social D2C Advertising, Social Posts & Stories.

Goals: Grow Brand Audience, Website Visits, Generate Leads, and Sales.

Aspirational Social Media Campaign: Buyer Persona Social Posts, Social Commerce Landing Page.

Goals: Encourage User-Generated Content.

Fall Friday Campaign: Custom Product Photography, Facebook and Instagram Advertising, Social Stories, Social Photography Challenge.

Goals: Lead Generation, and Sales, User-Generated content, Customer Engagement.

Holiday Campaign: Facebook Product Catalog for Social Commerce, Facebook and Instagram Advertising, Social Posts and Stories.

Goals: Lead Generation and Sales, Website traffic.

Influencer Campaign: Developed influencer strategy and budget, Identify social media personas, Influencer outreach, Build influencer management and campaigns with Social Commerce UGC Platform.

Goals: User Generated Content.

Campaign Relevant Links:

Influencer Program Deck